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Tigers Childcare

The CEO Karen Clince aims to provide something that’s unique in the UK when it comes to childcare quality and family experience. From the design of the centre to staff qualifications, we hope to set a new benchmark for childcare provision by applying to Elephant Park the same practices, procedures and ethos underpinning our success in Ireland. Much more than a childcare service, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the UK market using the latest in research and thinking. Tigers Childcare provides holistic, child-centred, individualised care for every child that is regularly audited and evaluated against international childcare standards.

Tigers Childcare Elephant Park is designed to be unique to anything in London today boasting two large outdoor play areas, sensory rooms, dedicated crawl spaces and sleeping pods.

The facility also incorporate key areas with the aim to constantly challenge a child’s development and make learning fun. Children can enjoy stimulating areas for motor play, dramatic play, block play, gross motor area, small play, mess play, as well as an art centre, book corner and chill out zone.

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