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Tasty Jerk

What is Tasty Jerk? Some might say a Caribbean restaurant that provides delicious food for a reasonable price; but that would be putting it blandly. What is Tasty Jerk to us? Well , Tasty Jerk was started of as one young black electrician's dream to open up a restaurant using the cooking elements introduced to him by his family. Growing up in rural Jamaica, cooking was used as a tool to make a family closer. So who was the chef of this household that inspired Rayon to start his cooking career? The cooking fashions and recipes had been implemented on him by his Grandmother who used natural ingredients to compose delicious dishes using the methods of her ancestors before him. Her cooking was the foundation of her grandsons career as he was inspired by the manor in which she constructed her kitchen creations. So influenced by this passion of cooking that in his late teens Rayon made his dream a reality​ by opening his first restaurant in Jamaica which was running successfully for many years. After relocating to the United Kingdom Rayon picked up on the lack of Jamaican restaurants that had similar styles of cooking to him. Driven by a strong desire to introduce Britain to his hereditary style of cooking, he opened a market stall in south East London which then evolved into a small restaurant that he opened in 2015.

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