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Pembroke House

Pembroke House is one of the only settlements to retain its founding elements: residency, halls for community activities and chapel (now the Parish Church of St Christopher’s, Walworth). Our work is built around four pillars: Residency
We hold true to the original settlement value of residency: working in Walworth as neighbours and residents. The residency, which sits adjacent to Pembroke House, is home to six of our team members.
We deliver and support 23 projects which provide opportunities for people to connect with each other and with local services; to grow and learn; and to give back and contribute. Organising
In order to make a meaningful difference in Walworth we need to work together. We work in partnership with residents, organisations and institutions — building knowledge and inspiring collective action.Learning
We believe that everyone at Pembroke House has as much to gain as to give. We are all learners and we want to learn and adapt in our work quickly — and ensure that lessons are shared widely.

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